There is currently no mention of youth in the draft of the Treaty, hence no recognition of their legitimacy as stakeholders. We want youth to be formally considered as a stakeholder of the BBNJ Treaty, through the recognition of BYN as the Youth Constituency of the Treaty.



The current draft of the BBNJ Treaty is leading toward the establishment of a Conference Of the Parties (COP) (article 48) that will regularly meet to assess and review the adequacy and effectiveness of the Treaty. 

We would like to ensure that the COP is open and transparent to all relevant rights-holders and stakeholders, including youth - through BYN as a Youth Constituency - and we therefore support the inclusion of Article 50bis (proposed by New Zealand, and supported by Australia, Norway, Canada and Pacific Small Island Developing States). Ideally, the stakeholders listed in Article 50bis should include ‘young people’.



Youth also need to be formally recognised as a stakeholder in other articles of the Treaty, specifically Article 18 (Consultation on and assessment of proposals of area-based management tools) and Article 34 (Public notification and consultation).

We ask that “young people” are listed as a specific stakeholder in Article 18 and that they are added to the list of different stakeholders in Article 34.